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Difference Between Injection Ferrite and Sintered Ferrite Magnet

Ⅰ. About the injection ferrite

Injection ferrite also belongs to the type of bonding magnet, but it is generally called "injection molding" for it is a little different from bonding. But the difference is not much.

Ferrite is divided into sintered ferrite and injection ferrite, and both belong to the ferrite magnets, but the difference between the two kinds of magnets in physical properties is different.

Magnets can be divided into the same sex and the opposite sex, and the injection-molded ferrite and the sintered ferrite also have differences in sex. One is injection ferrite and the other is sintered ferrite, there will definitely be advantages and disadvantages.

Injection ferrite uses injection molding to form different specifications of products, and it needs to turn the high polymer resin and ferrite magnetic powder into particles after heating, shearing, and mixing evenly through the extruder. Then we use an injection molding machine to shoot the molten material into the pre-closed low-temperature mold cavity through the nozzle and the runner system of the mold. 

The production process of injection ferrite determines the physical properties of injection ferrite.

Ⅱ. The differences between Sintered Ferrite magnet and injection ferrite

Sintered Ferrite magnet is one of the most common magnets in daily life with dark surface and stable magnetism, and it is relatively cheap, which is the advantage of sintered ferrite magnet.

Sintered ferrite magnets are made by ceramic process and have a hard texture, but they also belong to brittle material.

Similarly, injection ferrite and sintered ferrite magnet are different in the production mold, and homosexual ferrite belongs to weak magnet. Therefore, the cost of the mold has advantages. But the magnetic of homosexual ferrite is weak. Whereas the mold cost of the heterosexual ferrite is more expensive, but the magnetic of the heterosexual ferrite is relatively stronger.

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