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Magnetic Motor for Industrial Supplies

We are committed to improving solutions about the high-speed motor, step-less speed regulating motor, and shielding structure optimization. Our products can be applied to power tools, robots, etc.



The brushless DC motors in industrial fans or exhaust motors adopt external rotor mode, which has greater torque than that of internal rotors. However, many external rotors are made of a sintered arc magnet, a magnetic pole using an arc magnet, which is inconvenient and inefficient. In addition, the external rotor has a very high requirement for dynamic balance, and it is difficult for a sintered arc magnet to achieve good dynamic balance. The injection molding magnetic ring can solve this problem very well because of high dimensional precision, which is very helpful for dynamic balancing. Moreover, it can be designed in various shapes or special structures for easy assembly. Bonded ferrite or rare earth magnetic compounds can be used as raw materials according to different motor performance requirements. Bonded magnet is effective for air circulation and heat dissipation.



Flowmeter induction rotor uses our ferrite/PA12 series products as raw materials. It is injection molded into the shape of a cross, which is suitable for mass production and can reduce the assembly cost by using the metal axis as an insert. Each blade is N or S pole, and the induction signal is obtained through the rotation of the blade in the process of water flow, so as to obtain the flow data. The flow rotor size varies, and the smallest can be less than 5mm3. The toughness and fluidity of the material are optimized so that very thin positions can be injected smoothly and are less likely to break. Flowmeter induction motors are widely used in various flow testing devices.



The application of high-speed motor in our daily life is more and more common, such as hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, ice breaker, and are also used in power tools. The speed of the high-speed motor is generally above 30,000 RPM, and the highest may exceed 100,000 RPM, which there is a risk of breaking when using sintered magnets and ordinary bonded magnets. We have done relative research on the demand for the high-speed motor. At present, we have the corresponding bonded ferrite and bonded rare earth compounds suitable for high-speed motor above 50,000 RPM. Similarly, we also have high mechanical properties materials for the magnetic ring of the high-speed motor.



These two products are innovative applications of injection molding magnets. One is a magnetic switch, which uses our high-performance ferrite/PA12 series products as raw materials. It is a combination of a magnetic sheet and stainless iron keys to replace a traditional spring or silicone button. The advantage of this button is that it is relatively light and thin, and will not fail because of the lack of elasticity after repeated use. In addition, multiple switches can be used to make the whole switch panel.

The other one is a buoy indicator, which, combined with a floating ball with a magnetic ring, can show the level of the liquid by flipping the discs. Different use environments have different requirements for mechanics and magnetic properties. We have developed high-performance ferrite/PA6 series products and ferrite/PPS series products with better solvent resistance. We focus on all kinds of innovative applications to make devices more convenient and experience better.