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Metal Bonded Plastic

Metal Bonded Plastic

Metal Bonded Plastic

Metal bonded plastic has a lower density than ordinary metals and similar metallic luster and texture, which can solve the problem of flaking paint of the electroplating process. And the thermal conductivity of metal bonded plastic is much higher than ordinary plastic, which can be used in the heat dissipation shell of electronic devices.

Properties of Soft Magnetic Bonded Compounds

  • High resistivity and thermal conductivity and suitable for heat dissipation devices of high-frequency electronic equipment.

  • A simple surface polishing process can achieve metallic texture, and free-spraying technology can be realized.

Applications of Soft Magnetic Bonded Compounds

Heat dissipation shell; Substitutes of metal structure parts, crafts.

Specification of High-density Compounds and Metal Bonded Plastic

Resin BinderPA6
Mechanical PropertiesTensile StrengthMPa556066
Flexural StrengthMPa100105112
Physical PropertiesMold Densityg/cm325.610
Melt Flow Rateg/10min132145155
Thermal conductivityW/(m·K)3.2

Mold Shrinkage Rate%0.3-0.60.3-0.60.3-0.6
Injection ParametersPre-drying Temp80-11080-11080-110
Pre-drying Timehr4.64.64.6
Barrel TempH1  ℃260-270260-270260-270
H2  ℃270-280270-280270-280
H3  ℃275-285275-285275-285
Mold Temp80-9080-9080-90

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