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Introduction of Injection NdFeB

The content today is about injection NdFeB, including what components are the injection NdFeB composed of? What unique advantages does it have? Where is it mainly used?

Ⅰ. What is the injection NdFeB?

To put it simply, injection NdFeB magnets are a new type of composite material made of NdFeB magnetic powder and plastic (nylon, PPS, etc.) polymer materials through a special process.

Injection NdFeB magnets are high-efficiency, high-precision magnets produced by the injection molding process with both the high performance of NdFeB and injection molding. New materials and unique processes make injection NdFeB magnets have some unique characteristics:

1. It has both rigidity and elasticity and can be processed into thin-walled rings, rods, sheets, and various special and complex shapes (such as steps, damping grooves, holes, positioning pins, etc.) magnetic pole.

2. It can make NdFeB injection molded magnets and other metal inserts (gears, screws, special-shaped holes, etc.) formed at one time, and it is not easy to crack and break.

3. The injection NdFeB magnet does not need cutting and other mechanical processing, the product yield is high, the tolerance precision after molding is high, and the surface is smooth.

4. Due to the use of polymer resin with lighter density, the injection NdFeB magnet products are thinner and lighter, and the motor rotational inertia and starting current are smaller.

5. The effective coating of the magnetic powder by the plastic polymer material makes the anti-corrosion effect of the injection NdFeB magnet better.

6. The unique injection molding process improves the internal uniformity of the injection NdFeB magnet, and the magnetic field consistency on the surface of the injection NdFeB magnet is better.

Ⅱ. Where is the injection NdFeB magnetic ring used?

Mainly used in automation equipment, sensors, permanent magnet DC motors, axial fans, hard disk spindle motors HDD, inverter air conditioner motors, instrument motors and other fields.

The advantages of injection NdFeB magnets are high dimensional accuracy, injection NdFeB magnets can be integrally formed with other parts, high performance-price ratio, and surface coating or electroplating can also be performed.

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