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Raw Magnetic Materials Technology

Raw Material Technology

Magnetic powder with high magnetic properties and process performance can be obtained by refining magnetic powder and optimizing the particle size distribution. Multiple surface treatment technology can be used to reduce the damage of magnetic powder thereby reduce the magnetic loss.

The raw material of magnetic powder is comminuted by methods of gas-phase and liquid-phase equality, and different particle sizes of magnetic particles are obtained on the premise of ensuring no loss of magnetic properties, which can meet the use requirements of different series of products.

The injection molding magnet products with excellent magnetic properties, flow properties, and mechanical properties were obtained by optimizing the particle size distribution range and the combination of different particle sizes.

Multiple surface treatment technology firstly forms an inert protective layer on the magnetic powder surface to reduce the oxidation reaction of the magnetic powder in the process of high-temperature extrusion and injection molding, and reduce the performance loss of magnetic powder. At the same time, the surface treatment technology can improve the interaction between the magnetic particles and the adhesive resin, enhance the kneading between the two parts, improve the flow performance and mechanical properties of the injection molding magnet, and help to reduce the deformation, cracking and other problems in the process of use.

In response to customers' different performance requirements, we will choose different types of magnetic material powder for formulation adjustment, to meet such special requirements as high coercivity, high magnetic energy product, high liquidity, or high strength.