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Magnet Solutions

We can provide customers with appropriate mold design scheme (magnetic circuit design and mold-flow analysis) and optimization processing parameter based on the material characteristics to obtain the best performance of the material, we also cooperate with our customer to analyze and improve the problems encountered in the production process. 

    Q: Is it possible to provide products with appropriate performance according to injection magnet samples?

    A: we have a range of test equipment that can quickly determine the resin matrix and magnetic properties of samples, and recommend suitable materials for you. 

    Q: What if the material properties I need are not in the catalog?

    A: Please don't hesitate to contact us, our professional R&D teams can make customized grade materials according to customer's needs.

    Q: What do the magnetic properties of bonded magnetic compounds depend on?

    A: volume fraction, orientation degree, and type of magnetic powder determine the magnetic properties of bonded magnetic compounds. We will recommend appropriate injection molding parameters to ensure the maximum performance of our material.

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