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What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention to when Using Bonded NdFeB Magnets?

Maybe you don't use a lot of products such as bonded NdFeB magnets. Relatively speaking, you use more magnets. So when you use bonded NdFeB magnets in your life, what should you pay attention to? Sometimes when you use it, you will often encounter such or other problems. Here we will give you some introductions about bonded NdFeB magnets, hoping to help you!

1. Do not let bonded NdFeB magnets close to things that are afraid of magnetism, such as mechanical watches and displays. Be especially careful not to let it get close to all kinds of magnetic cards! A little negligence can lead to big losses.

2. Since the bonded NdFeB product contains a certain amount of polymer resin, its temperature resistance will be limited by the polymer. For example, the maximum use temperature of bonded NdFeB with nylon 12 matrix does not exceed 120°C, and the bonded neodymium with PPS matrix The maximum temperature of iron-boron should not exceed 180℃.

3. The bonded NdFeB magnets should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment. Acidic, alkaline, organic solvents, salt water, high temperature and humid environments can easily oxidize the magnets and cause partial demagnetization of the bonded NdFeB magnets.

4. In the use of bonded NdFeB magnets, the environment should be kept as clean as possible to prevent small impurities such as iron filings from adsorbing on the surface of the NdFeB magnets and affecting the use. Magnetic particles fly into the eyes and cause injury, so be careful to use it.

5. bonded neodymium iron boron magnets are extremely magnetic, so you should avoid your hands or other parts of your body from being clamped by the magnets. For large-size strong magnets, you need to pay more attention to safety.

6. When using or storing bonded neodymium iron boron magnets, please avoid electrical magnets, corrosive gases, highly conductive environments (such as water containing electrolytes), acidic environments, and organic solvents. Otherwise, it will cause corrosion of the bonded NdFeB magnet and weaken the magnetic properties.

These six aspects are what everyone needs to pay attention to. If you don't pay much attention to the use of bonded NdFeB magnets, it will have a certain impact on the use of the product, and indirectly will also affect us to a certain extent.