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The Application of Injection Molded Magnets in Automobile and Industrial Fields

Injection magnet is a permanent magnet made of plastic (adhesive) mixed with permanent magnet powder. It has the characteristics of stable magnetism, impact resistance, low density, easy forming and processing and so on, which can replace metal magnet to make permanent magnetic products with high dimensional accuracy, complex shapes and light weight. As a kind of bonded permanent magnet, this article mainly introduces its application in the industrial and automobile fields.


The application of injection molded magnet in the industrial field is mainly manifested in printing equipment and micro special motor:


Printing equipment

The mass fraction of ferrite magnetic powder of xerographic injection molded magnetic roller can reach up to 90%. At present, the adhesive for manufacturing injection molded magnetic roller is mainly nylon resin with high temperature resistance and aging resistance. The magnetic powders are mainly strontium ferrite + barium ferrite, aluminum iron boron, neodymium iron boron as well as rare earth and other magnetic powders, among which, ferrite magnetic powders are widely used, and rare earth ferrite and neodymium iron boron magnetic powder have better application prospects.


Micro special motor

High-performance injection molded magnet DC motors, especially three-slot motors, CPU fan motors and brushless motors are widely used, the main reasons are: they have the characteristics of good injection molded, magnetic and chemical stability, high resistivity, which are suitable for high-frequency conversion, also, they have certain elasticity, and not easy to crack and break.  What's more, they have good processing performance and can be made into products of different shapes and sizes, which are easy to punch, cut, perforate and wind as well as have high assembly and magnetization efficiency.

The application of injection molded magnets in the automobile field is mainly manifested in automobile parts:

In automobiles, the micro special motor is mainly used for measuring instrument and sensing system,for example, the tire sidewall torque measurement device uses a magnetic injection strip as a signal collection accessory (data on the force between the tire and the road surface), and is also used in the motor of the starting device.