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Magnetic Materials and Their Characteristics

In childhood, magnets were one of our favorite toys. We always played with them and were amazed by their peculiar characteristics. Two magnets always have two sides that can attract each other, and two sides will always repel each other. We always split them up and down. In middle and high school, we learned from the knowledge that the compass leveraged the theory of magnetism. 

Now in our lives, different magnetic materials are used in many places. So today we come to understand its characteristics.

Characteristics of magnetic materials:

1. Magnetic materials will produce strong or weak magnetic fields under the action of external magnetic fields. Its magnetic field strength is marked out in a table, showing a regular curve. And although this kind of magnetic field is not substantial, if you place a piece of magnetic material on the ground and sprinkle some magnetic powder around it, its magnetic field will be represented by the magnetic powder.

2. The magnetic properties of magnetic materials will vary with the temperature. When the temperature of a magnetic material increases, its magnetism will decrease, and when the temperature increases to a certain level, its own magnetic function will disappear.

3. The resistivity is relatively high. The resistivity of magnetic materials is higher than that of ordinary metals and can be used in fire protection systems in circuits.

Magnetic materials are now widely used in production, life, and national defense science and technology. It is also widely used in various motor starting systems, transformer pressure systems, and made into magnetic components, etc. Moreover, the new magnetic material products can also be produced through extrusion, calendering, injection molding and other processes like ordinary plastics, and can also be made into flexible products that can be used in different occasions.