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The Development of Bonded Ferrite Magnet

The bonded ferrite magnet is an important branch of bonded magnets. The main raw material is a composite material with permanent ferrite powder as the magnetic source and polymer chemical material as the binder. The injection molding process can be processed into various complex shapes with high precision in the manufacturing process. Therefore, it has strong market competitiveness in the fields such as automatic control, auto parts, household appliances.

With the development of intelligent and lightweight automobiles and household appliances, the application scope of the bonded ferrite magnet is increasingly expanding. As an important branch of bonded magnets, the injection-molded magnet has incomparable advantages in aspects such as high precision, complex shapes, miniaturization, lightweight, and impact resistance.

The bonded ferrite magnet has been widely used in micro motors and stepping motors. With the development of industrial automation and information technology, the bonded ferrite magnet will have greater development and wider application since it is an important functional material in the electronic and information industries.

The bonded ferrite magnet can produce magnets with complex shapes, which is more flexible than other manufacturing methods. Also, it can meet customers' needs. During the injection molding process, the polymer coating has higher corrosion resistance than the raw material.