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Soft Magnetic Bonded Compounds

Soft Magnetic Bonded Compounds

Soft Magnetic Bonded Compounds

As a new material, soft magnetic bonded compounds can be used for extrusion or injection molding and are especially suitable for high-frequency high-speed stator, 5G base station, transformer skeleton applications, it is helpful for the device to be small and lightweight, to reduce energy consumption and improve electromagnetic compatibility, etc.

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Properties of Soft Magnetic Bonded Compounds

  • Unidirectional high permeability can be achieved by flake-shape powder orientation.

  • The saturation magnetization of sintered ferrite can be achieved by using metal soft magnetic materials.

  • High design freedom in part structure can be designed with a sintered soft magnetic core together.

Applications of Soft Magnetic Bonded Compounds

Microwave absorbing material, inductor, wireless charging, and other electric-magnetic switching devices.

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