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Magnetic Materials With Special Functions

At present, there are different types of magnetic materials in the market, which are widely used in various industries and have a profound impact on production and life. So, what are the magnetic materials? How much do you know? Next, there is the introduction of the characteristics of different types of magnetic materials to help everyone better understand the relevant content.

1. Special magnetic materials

(1) Magnetoelastic material. The shape of this magnetic material changes under the action of a magnetic field, which can be shown as elongation or contraction in length, expansion and contraction in volume.

(2) Magnetoresistive materials. The electrical resistance of this magnetic material changes under the action of a magnetic field.

(3) Magnetic refrigeration materials. Magnetic refrigeration is a type of refrigeration technology that uses magnetic materials as its working medium. The basic principle is to use the magneto caloriceffect of the magnetic refrigeration material, which refers to when the magnetic refrigeration material releases heat to the outside during isothermal magnetization and absorbs heat from the outside during isothermal demagnetization in order to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. The advantages of this material are environmentally friendly, with no environmental pollution and damage. Besides, it has high efficiency and energy saving, and the Carnot cycle efficiency can reach 60~ 70%. Also, it is stable and reliable.

(4) Magnetic fluid. It is also known as magnetic fluid or iron fluid. It is a liquid magnetic material that is sensitive to magnetic fields and can flow. It is to uniformly disperse the ferromagnetic particles (<10nm) incorporated into the carrier liquid with a dispersant and makes it a type of colloidal liquid with fluidity in suspension. The type of liquid has the characteristics of not setting and agglutinating under normal centrifugal force and magnetic field but also can withstand the magnetism itself and be attracted by the magnet. The magnetic fluid produced with nano metal and alloy powder has excellent performance and can be widely used in fields of sealing and shock absorption, medical equipment, sound adjustment, light display, etc.

2. Application and development prospects of magnetic materials

Magnetic materials are important basic functional materials in the electronics industry and are widely used in industrial fields such as computers, electronic devices, communications, automobiles and aerospace, as well as household appliances, children's toys and other daily necessities. With the rapid development of the world economy, science and technology, the demand for magnetic materials will be unprecedented.

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