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Magnetization Process of Magnetic Materials

Why do the magnetic materials exhibit the property of magnetization? The following will describe the magnetization process of magnetic materials.

A smaller magnetizing current "I" can generate a much larger magnetic flux than an air-core inductor. Then why the magnetic material has such an effect that the ability to generate a magnetic field can be greatly enhanced, thereby making a huge contribution to reducing the volume of magnetic components (Imagine an air-core inductor such as microhenry or millihenry, the volume can be imagined)? So, it is necessary for us to know the principle of magnetization of magnetic materials.

Ferromagnetism: The net effect of the magnetic moment of some materials is much greater than that of par magnetism or diamagnetism. This phenomenon is called ferromagnetism. In paramagnetic or diamagnetic materials, the induced or interaction (magnetized) magnetic moment is often very weak, so it is unnecessary to consider the additional field generated by such materials. For ferromagnetic materials, the magnetic moment induced or interacted by the external magnetic field will be very large, which plays a dominant role in the magnetic field.

Magnetization of magnetic materials: Generally speaking, the magnetization of a substance requires an external magnetic field, and the magnetized substance is called a magnetic medium. As for the ferromagnetic materials mentioned above, if such materials are placed in the external magnetic field, the induced or interaction magnetic field will be significantly enhanced. The phenomenon that the magnetic field makes ferromagnetic materials appear magnetic is called the magnetization of ferromagnetic materials. Before magnetization, the direction of the magnetic field inside each magnetic domain is chaotic, and the magnetic fields between the magnetic domains cancel each other out, so they do not show their magnetism externally.

After magnetization, if the magnetic material is placed in a magnetic field taken a toroidal core inductor as an example. Through the action of the external magnetic field, the internal magnetic domains rotate along the direction of the magnetic field, which strengthens the internal magnetic field or induced or interaction magnetic field. With the increase of the magnetic field outside the magnetic field, there will be more and more magnetic domains in the same direction as the external magnetic field, and the magnetic induction will become stronger and stronger. The magnetic material exhibits magnetism externally, which is the process of magnetization. After reading, we hope that you can understand why magnetic materials have magnetization characteristics.