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Several Unique Advantages of Bonded Ferrite Magnet Products

Bonded ferrite magnets is to mix polymer resin, magnetic powder and other materials into granules, and then inject them into products with different shapes by injection molding. Compared with other magnets, what are the advantages of bonded ferrite magnets?

1. The manufacturing process of the bonded ferrite magnet is relatively simple and it can be molded at one time, which further saves the cost used in the manufacturing process. The processing method of the bonded ferrite magnet is a one-time combination molding, which will save a lot of manufacturing steps and costs during processing.

2. The properties of bonded ferrite magnets are excellent. They have strong corrosion resistance, so they usually do not need surface coating protection.

3. The manufacturing method of bonded ferrite magnets can make magnets with complex and various shapes. Therefore, the specifications of bonded ferrite magnets are relatively more in the market, and the various styles can satisfy customers' requirements for selection.