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Injection Molding Technology

We can provide customers with an optimization processing parameters based on the material characteristics to obtain the best performance of the material. We will cooperate with our customers to analyze and improve the problems encountered in the production process.

Different injection magnets have different requirements for material and mold design. Due to the addition of a high proportion of magnetic powder in the plastic matrix, the fluidity of bonded magnetic composite is lower compared with ordinary plastic composite, and the higher the filling proportion is, the worse the toughness of the bonded magnets will be. Therefore, the phenomenon of filling shortage, product cracking, unstable magnetic property often appears in the process of injection molding. We have different material and design solutions for different problems, including improving the fluidity and toughness of the material, reducing the friction between melt and mold, reducing the internal stress of the product, and so on. Chase technology has rich project experience and extensive technical solutions in the field of injection molding magnetic compounds, which can help customers solve problems in the production and design process.