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What is Ferrite Magnet?

Many people may have heard of ferrite magnet in their lives, but they don't know what they are. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to what is ferrite magnet.

The main raw materials of ferrite magnet include SrO or BaO and Fe2O3. Ferrite magnet is a sintered permanent magnet material composed of barium and strontium ferrite. In addition to strong anti-demagnetization performance, this magnetic material also has the advantage of low cost. The magnet of the opposite sex must be magnetized in the direction taken because it is oriented along the manufacturing direction; while the magnet of the same sex can be magnetized in any direction because it has no orientation, although a slightly stronger magnetic induction is often found on the side where the pressure is the smallest. Due to low cost, moderate performance, and good temperature resistance, ferrite magnet have a wide range of applications, from motors and speakers to toys and crafts. Therefore, it is currently the most widely used permanent magnet material.

1. Classification of Ferrite Magnet

According to different production processes, ferrite magnet is divided into sintering and bonding. Among them, sintering is divided into dry pressing type and wet pressing type, and bonding is divided into extrusion molding, compression molding and injection molding. Injection magnets are a type of magnet that has grown rapidly in recent years due to its advantages such as low energy consumption, short molding cycle, suitable for mass production, free magnetic pole orientation, and easy molding of complex devices.

According to whether an external magnetic field is applied during molding, it can be divided into isotropic permanent magnets and anisotropic permanent magnets. The magnetic properties of isotropic sintered ferrite magnets are weak, but they can be magnetized in different directions of the magnet; while the anisotropic ferrite magnet has strong magnetic properties, but can only be magnetized along the predetermined magnetization direction.

The soft, elastic and twistable magnet made of bonded ferrite powder and synthetic rubber is also called rubber magnet.

2. Performance Characteristics of Ferrite Magnet

Ferrite magnet is characterized by high coercivity and low remanence in performance. Ferrite magnet has high coercivity as well as strong anti-demagnetization ability, and is suitable for working in dynamic magnetic circuit environments with large temperature changes.

The ferrite magnet is hard and brittle and can be cut with emery tools.

The main raw material is oxide, so it is not easy to corrode and generally does not require plating.

Working temperature: -40℃ to +300℃.

We hope that you can better understand what is a ferrite magnet through the above description.