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Maglastic's Social Responsibility in Manufacturing Magnetic Materials

Social Responsibility

Environmental protection is one of the values of our company. We believe that awareness of environmental protection is vital to our lives, society, and the sustainable development of chase technology.

Environment-friendly product:

  • We are concerned about the environmental problems and comply with local laws and regulations on environmental pollution control, and promote the purchase of materials with low environmental impact and minimizing environmental impact at the stage of materials purchases.

  • The simple production process of our product makes it suitable for automatic production with low energy consumption.

  • We develop greener alternatives to reduce the environmental load and pursuing sustainable development.

  • We focus on human health and provide customers with safe shielding composite material.

Better service

  • More customers choose us as partners, more products choose our materials because we provide a more environmental-friendly, suitable for mass production, cost-effective material solutions to our customers.

  • We are committed to continuously understanding customer requirements and providing appropriate solutions.

  • We pursue a long-term partnership and business philosophy of Common development with trusted customers.

Employee satisfaction

  • We stand for cooperation, innovation and knowledge sharing among our employees

  • We adopt the humanized office concept and provide a comfortable office environment for employees.

  • Enrich the corporate culture and provide a working environment to help our employees become an excellent team members and enjoy their job.