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Introduction and Applications of Magnetic Materials

Introduction of magnetic materials 

Materials that can respond to a magnetic field in a certain way are called magnetic materials. According to the magnetic strength of the material in the external magnetic field, it can be divided into diamagnetic material, paramagnetic material, ferromagnetic material, antiferromagnetic material and ferrimagnetic material. Most materials are diamagnetic or paramagnetic, and they respond weakly to external magnetic fields. Ferromagnetic materials and ferrimagnetic materials are ferromagnetic materials. Generally speaking, magnetic materials refer to ferromagnetic materials. For magnetic materials, the magnetization curve and hysteresis loop are characteristic curves that reflect their basic magnetic properties. Ferromagnetic materials are generally Fe, Co, Ni elements and their alloys, rare earth elements and their alloys, and some Mn compounds. Magnetic materials are generally divided into soft magnetic materials and hard magnetic materials according to the degree of difficulty of their magnetization.

Application of magnetic materials - transformer

Magnetic materials are widely used materials in production, life, and national defense science and technology. Such as the manufacture of various motors and transformers in power technology, various magnetic components and microwave tubes in electronic technology, filters and intensifiers in communication technology, magnetic mines, electromagnetic guns, and various household appliances in national defense technology, etc. In addition, magnetic materials have also been widely used in geological and mineral exploration, ocean exploration, and new technologies in information, energy, biology, and space. Different types of magnetic materials have a wide range of uses. Mainly use its various magnetic characteristics and special effects to make components or devices; used to store, transmit and convert electromagnetic energy and information, or generate a certain intensity and distribution of magnetic fields in a specific space; sometimes directly in the natural form of the material utilization (such as magnetic liquid). Magnetic materials play an important role in the field of electronic technology and other fields of science and technology.