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Some Knowledge About Bonded Ferrite Magnets

We also often see magnetic iron in our lives. It plays an important role. Whether it is in transportation or processing and manufacturing industries, its existence can greatly improve our efficiency and play a role in this fast-paced life. So the supplier of bonded ferrite magnets will introduce you some knowledge about bonded ferrite magnets this time.

1. Magnetizing direction of bonded ferrite magnets: it can be oriented directly in the mold without post-magnetization. The orientation mode can be axial, radial or magnetized as required, such as single-sided multi-pole, radial multi-pole.

2. Bonded ferrite magnet performance: It has higher magnetic performance, better time stability and lower temperature coefficient.

3. Shape of bonded ferrite magnets: Through injection molding, with mold design, products of various shapes can be produced, such as conventional cylindrical, circular, rectangular, flat, tile-shaped and other special-shaped parts.

4. Application places of bonded ferrite magnets: widely used in electric meters, meters, motors, automatic controls, microwave devices, radars and medical equipment, etc.

5. Features of bonded ferrite magnet: Its main raw materials include permanent ferrite and polymer resin. Manufactured by injection molding process, with high mechanical strength and flexible design of shape. Because bonded ferrite magnet has good temperature resistance, low price and moderate performance, it has become a relatively wide range of permanent magnets.

We will also continue to introduce you to some relevant knowledge points. If you want to buy products such as ferrite magnets, welcome to consult Maglastic.