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Aiming at the demand of energy-saving and intelligent home appliances, we are committed to improving solutions about man-machine interaction, noise reduction, and energy saving. Our products can be used in brushless DC motor, sensors.



As a typical application case of a bonded magnetic compound, a magnetic roller for the printer is the main component that carries toner in the printer. Comparing to the traditional sintered magnetic material, the magnetic roller made of bonded magnet can realize with multiple radial poles, like 4poles, 5poles, 6poles. Furthermore, the length to diameter ratio of the magnetic roller can reach to more than 30, which can not be realized in the sintered magnetic material. The magnetic roller made of the magnetic compound through injection molding or extrusion greatly improve production efficiency, and have the advantages of good dimensional consistency, uniform magnetic field distribution, and excellent mechanical properties. It achieves high-quality development effects for printers.



The rotor for the bladeless fan that made of injection molding magnetic compound can solve the sintered ferrite rotor’s issues, like complicated processing and brittleness of the finished products. The recommended material is ferrite/PA12 compounds. The insert molding process realizes efficient production and improves the cracking problem of sintered magnetic rings during the second injection. The bonded ferrite has excellent mechanical properties and will not be easily cracked during transportation and assembly. The rotor made of ferrite compound guarantees the uniformity of dimension and magnetic properties for each product, thereby improving the noise and vibration problems of the motor.



The rotor with radial and quadrupole magnetization for the freezer. Comparing to the sintered arc magnet that pasted by glue, the rotor made by injection reduces the need for complicated manual processes. The injection molding process ensures reliability and avoids the hidden danger of falling off during motor operation. The recommended material is ferrite/PA12 compounds. As the diversity of magnetic pole orientation for the rotor made of the magnetic compound, we use a special magnetic field waveform design, which makes the product with driving and induction effect. Because of injection molding, the uniform of dimension and magnetic field distribution make the motor with excellent dynamic balance. And it finally makes the motor with low noise and stable operation.



The rotor of electronic expansion valve in the thermal management system. The electronic expansion valve (EEV) controls the flow of refrigerant entering a direct expansion evaporator. It plays an important role to reduce energy consumption. With small size, multiple poles, high precision in dimension, EEV has the requirement of not cracking in high and low-temperature environments for a long time using in the refrigerant . The rotor that made of bonded ferrite/PPS or NdFeB/PPS will meet those requirements. Ferrite/PPS series ((BH) max = 1.6MGOe) is applied to the rotor with low power, and NdFeB/PPS series ((BH) max = 2-8MGOe) is recommended to use in the EEV rotor with high power. With the increasing demand for automotive thermal management systems, we are also constantly developing the magnetic compound with higher magnetic performance, higher cost-effective and lower demagnetization rates at high and low temperatures to meet the design requirements of the new generation of EEV rotors.