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Main Applications of Injection Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite is a new type of non-metallic magnetic material developed in the 1940s. Because its preparation process and appearance are very similar to ceramic products, it is sometimes called magnetic porcelain. Ferrite permanent magnet materials (Ferrite) are divided into different production processes: sintered ferrite (Sintered Ferrite), bonded ferrite (Rubber Magnet), injection-molded ferrite (Injection Molded Ferrite), and today we will mainly talk about some applications of injection-molded magnet.

What are the most common applications of injection molded magnets?

1. Toys

Magnetic toys, magnetic darts, children's plush toys, magnetic blackboard sassafras, etc.

2. Automobile motors

Automobile fan motors, pump motors, lift glass motors, wiper motors, window swing motors, starter motors, etc.

3. Electronic hardware

Hardware accessories, hardware accessories.

4. Water pump

Drainage pump rotors, energy-saving water pumps, submersible pumps, fish tank water pumps, circulating pumps, deep water pumps, etc.

5. Packaging and printing industry

Gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, tissue boxes, moon cake boxes, color boxes, packaging boxes.

6. Sensor

Various sensors.

7. Crafts

Such as badges, badges, white boards.

8. Household appliances

Air conditioners, televisions, washing machines, range hoods, notebooks, treadmills, massagers, dishwashers, VCD/DVD, etc.

9. Smart home

Door magnetic sensors, magnetic levitation products, electric curtains, intelligent security systems, dishwashers, intelligent mopping robots, etc.