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High-Density Compounds

High-Density Compounds

High-Density Compounds

High-density plastic has a density of up to 13g/cm3 by adding high-density powder to the plastic matrix, which is higher than that of ordinary metal. It can be used as a shielding enclosure for high-energy rays, counterweight material, substitute material for lead, etc.

Properties of Soft Magnetic Bonded Compounds

  • Less production process and suitable for automatic production

  • The product is energy-efficient and harmless to the environment

Applications of Soft Magnetic Bonded Compounds

Counterweight material (counterweight of automobile, imitation gun, golf equipment, etc.); Medical industry.

Specification of High-density Compounds and Metal Bonded Plastic

Resin BinderPA6
Mechanical PropertiesTensile StrengthMPa556066
Flexural StrengthMPa100105112
Physical PropertiesMold Densityg/cm325.610
Melt Flow Rateg/10min132145155
Thermal conductivityW/(m·K)3.2
Mold Shrinkage Rate%0.3-0.60.3-0.60.3-0.6
Injection ParametersPre-drying Temp80-11080-11080-110
Pre-drying Timehr4.64.64.6
Barrel TempH1  ℃260-270260-270260-270
H2  ℃270-280270-280270-280
H3  ℃275-285275-285275-285
Mold Temp80-9080-9080-90

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