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According to the customer's product requirements, we can provide an appropriate mold design scheme (magnetic circuit design and mold-flow analysis), which can accelerate the development of the project.

The injection mold of anisotropic bonded magnetic compounds is very different from the traditional plastic mold. The former needs to apply a magnetic field in the injection mold to maximize the magnetic properties of the material. The common orientation methods include axial orientation, radial orientation, multipole orientation, etc.


The electromagnetic field is often used to provide an oriented magnetic field for axial and radial orientations, while the permanent magnetic field is more suitable for multipole orientation. Different patterns of orientation have special requirements for materials of mold. For instance, non-magnetic material should be used in the position of radial contact with the product when the orientation pattern is axial direction because magnetic fields are only allowed to pass through the axial direction.

There are higher requirements for mold design because of high friction between melt and mold and narrow temperature range during the injection process, such as the way of exhausting-slot, the smoothness of mold cavity, the mold material, and mold temperature control system, etc. In addition to the development and production of bonded magnetic compounds, we also have rich experience in mold processing and design, we can provide our customers with mold processing or mold design services, so as to customers can carry out projects faster and better.